Call 1-836-637-7661
To locate lines for water, electrical and/or sewer prior to digging!

Ashland City Water and Sewer

City Hall
101 Court St.
P.O. Box 36
Ashland City, TN 37015.

Phone: (615) 792-4211.

A  non-refundable service fee is required.

Pleasant View Utility District

6589 U.S. 41A North
P.O. Box 129,
Pleasant View, TN 37146

Phone: (615) 746-5315.

A  non-refundable residential connection fee for water is required.
A  non-refundable residential connection fee for water and sewer is required.

Second South Cheatham Utility

505 Valley Drive
P.O. Box 6
Kingston Springs, TN

Phone: (615) 952-3094

A  non-refundable service fee.

East Montgomery Utility District

5195 Highway 41-A South
Clarksville, TN 37043.

Phone: (931) 368-1921

A  non-refundable connection fee is charged to all customers.

River Road Utility District

2201 River Road
Ashland City, TN 37015.

Phone: (615) 792-4603.

A  non-refundable service connection fee or reconnection fee.

Metro Water & Sewer

1700 Third Ave. N.
Nashville, TN

Phone: (615) 862-4600

There is a non-refundable residential customer connection charge.

Harpeth Valley Utility District

5910 River Road
P.O. Box 210319
Nashville, TN 37221

Phone: (615) 352-7076

There is a non-refundable turn-on charge.