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Cheatham County Theater

The Cheatham County Theater features a variety of shows ranging from children’s plays to adult musicals. Local actors take pride in performing in front of audiences through out the year. The latest shows and show times can be found at The Cheatham County Theater is currently located at The Jean Downy Theater at Harpeth High School.

The River Playhouse

Few experiences bring a Community together more completely than a Community Theatre, and Ashland City now has one to call her own! This theatre showcases the rich diversity of talents from within her city limits, throughout Cheatham County, and certainly beyond!

The River Playhouse, co-founded by Della Mason-Stacy & Lizabeth Brasells, is sure to please even the most discerning theatre goers!

The theatre is located in the charming Joyce Mayo Theatre adjacent to the Cheatham County Central High School, and while many of the shows will certainly run the gamut in ages, Della and Lizabeth are quick to point out that despite the location of the theatre within CCCHS, this will be a COMMUNITY theatre; a separate entity from the high school itself.