Business Licenses

Business Tax is administered and collected by the Tennessee Department of Revenue, but Business Licenses are issued by local governments.  Business Tax is classified as a privilege tax for the right to do business within the counties and cities of Tennessee.

The owners or operators of all for profit businesses, except manufacturers and specific business professionals, must pay the local business tax for each place of business located in the county and /or the city which collects the business tax.  If both the county and the city levy the tax, the business may be liable for both.  The fee for a business license is $15.00. The business tax is due on gross sales each year.  The tax due date and tax rate is based on the business class.

The Application forms for New Business License are available for download and/or printing.
Application For Standard Business Tax License
Application For Minimal Activity License

YOU ARE REQUIRED BY THE STATE OF TENNESSEE DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE to file a final report when you close your business or move to another County.  Failure to close with the Tennessee Department of Revenue will result in penalties and interest.

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A person/business selling or offering to sell new merchandise to the public on temporary premises and does not have a permanent, fixed location in Tennessee where the business is conducted is considered a transient vendor.  A transient vendor can be both a Tennessee resident or an out of State resident.  A transient vendor is required to obtain a 14-day permit from this office to conduct business in this county and/or city.  A new permit must be obtained every 14 days if the vendor plans to stay for an extended time period.  The cost of a vendor license is $57.00.

Contact the County Clerk's office for information on:

  • Pawnbroker License
  • County Beer Permits
  • Amusement Park License
  • Fireworks Permits
  • Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax